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    20 surgeries/day


    5 yrs in practice

    No inpatient coverage, no admin, only home call for my own patients

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    oh peds.

    20 pts AM, 18pts PM, 18pts UC

    so potential for 56 on a 13hr day.

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    1-4/day… radiologist.

    But if I go by the mantra of that the image on the screen is a patient, it’s 140-220 depending on the day. ~40-50% cross sectional (CT and MRI). Based on the bean counter on my screen, it’s about 2.1 FTE per 8 hour shift (worst I ever heard was 4 FTE in 11 hours). We make up for the grind with ample time off.

    FYI, we designed the workflow this way. The group in your community may work much differently.

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    oh peds.

    20 pts AM, 18pts PM, 18pts UC

    so potential for 56 on a 13hr day.

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    Is this common among pediatricians?  I know our local peds group sees in the in the 20-25 range a day like I do.

    Hopefully you are killing it.  Otherwise I know our group is looking if you want to come out to the east coast 😛

    Where do you find time to post???  No wonder your posts are so succinct!

    “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.”

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    Wish more days were 16 instead of 8.

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    Why? For revenue? For boredom? To help pass the time? To help teach more folks? For your natural interests?

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    Rural gen surg here. You guys see a lot of patients! My weekly schedule as follows.


    Tuesday/Wednesday clinic 1-4:30 See 4-10 patients a day

    Thursday OR day 4-5 cases

    Friday 4-5 colonoscopies and maybe a case or 2

    10 days of call a month. On average have about 2-3 inpatient I have to round on in hospital


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    The White Coat Investor The White Coat Investor 
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    Wish more days were 16 instead of 8. 

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    Why? For revenue? For boredom? To help pass the time? To help teach more folks? For your natural interests?

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    All of the above. I own the business, so more patients means more revenue which makes the business more viable and more likely to be around long term.

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    ENT. mid career

    i operate 1.5 days per week

    clinic 3 days per week

    i usually see about 25 patients a day.  30 is about my max due to EMR being so onerous.  a day means first patient at 8:30 last patient at 4:30 with no patients scheduled from 12:30-1:30

    Round on 0-5 inpatients each day.  Average is probably 1.

    q2 call

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    Avatar StarTrekDoc 
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    General internist in Academic Setting

    9-10 patients per 4 hour session.   Steady – lots of inbox non-F2F stuff these days to manage as EVERYONE sends messages and specialists can’t return them fast enough so flows to PCP for answers which is fine as long as we’re salaried and all lift the boat together.

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    Disability Insurance

    Average daily volume- 20-25 per day 3 days (830 a- 430p) a week in the office. 1 full day at NH every other week and 2 full days at NH alternate weeks ( see 20-25 in NH – 90% of these are new discharges from the hospital – so quite complex). I take every other Friday off- but still cover day call/messaging in our EMR. I have a scribe for office visits.

    What specialty- employed Family Practice, have a PA in the office who covers overflow and personal panel for myself and 2 other FP’s in office.

    How long you have been in practice- 15 years in July 19.

    Other responsibilities (inpatient coverage/call, Admin)- Take own call M-Thursday and every 3rd weekend. NP supervision at NH ( have an embedded NP program to reduce readmission- they do the day to day care, messaging, etc.), Medical Director for Post Acute Care Transitions Program (Nursing Home), Medical Director at 6 Nursing Homes and Medical Director for our Concussion Clinic. NO INPATIENT care. 

    Anything else that significantly impacts your volume- we are paid wRVU’s and have a bonus structure based on exceeding both the 75%ile and 90%ile in wRVU’s based on the prior year MGMA benchmarks.  So staying above the 90%ile is a very good motivator to stay busy.

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    Remember when Light Speed isn’t fast enough there’s always….Ludicrous Speed!!!! (Spaceballs)

    I’m a Radiologist w/ 10 yrs in practice – volume depends on setting:

    University/VA (slower, Residents dictate then we review) – avg day could be 25-30 complex CTs (cancer pts), or 40-50 Ultrasounds. University plain film list can be 180 complex in-patient/ICU plain films in 9 hours (that’s approaching Ludicrous Speed IMHO)

    Moonlighting/private Teleradiology:  100 studies in 8 hours, 50-60% CT/Ultrasound + rest plain films

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    3 clinic days

    1.5 OR days


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    Neurology 3.5 years into practice.

    Clinic 3.0 days: 10-12 patients per 0.5 day session

    Procedures (EMG, read EEG, BOTOX) 1.5 days: 8-10 patients per 0.5 day session.

    Admin/catchup/workin 0.5 days

    Also do 1 week of hospital consult coverage about every 6 weeks. Census around 20-25 patients with new consults around 5-10 per day.

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    Obgyn. 20-25/day depending on how many prenatals (quicker) vs annuals/procedures (longer)

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    Lithium Lithium 
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    I think I have lower volumes than almost anyone who’s posted.  That’s why I keep my spending so low.  The upside is I was done seeing patients early and got to bike 66 miles today before it got dark.  I enjoy that more than just about anything that costs money.

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