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  • Lordosis Lordosis 
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    I am family practice and I see 20-22 in a typical 8 hour day.  I find this a very comfortable pace and I am slowly increasing it.  I am about 3 years into practice.  If I can rid myself of my inpatient work and daytime call I would bump this up a few more.


    I realize a lot of things influence how many patients you see a day but I was wondering what is typical.

    For those willing to share:

    Average daily volume

    What specialty

    How long you have been in practice

    Other responsibilities (inpatient coverage/call, Admin)

    Anything else that significantly impacts your volume



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    The White Coat Investor The White Coat Investor 
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    8-16 most 8 hour shifts. Wish more days were 16 instead of 8. These are ED patients of course, so some are going to require more than a typical clinic patient-procedures, consults, more testing and review of those tests.

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    ACN ACN 
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    35-40 patients per day. Ortho. <1 yR into practice. Once I get allocated my own scribe and get busier, I'd assume 50-60/day within the next two years.

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    Avatar SValleyMD 
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    Earnest refinancing bonus

    Avg day for me in cardiology

    1-2 caths
    2-5 inpatient pt rounds or discharges
    22-25 clinic pts
    4-10 echo or stress test to read/proctor

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    Lordosis Lordosis 
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    Wow you guys deserve your specialist money. Maybe it is biased since this is a financial blog

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    Avatar HandFellow 
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    Ortho, been doing this just over 2 years now.  On a busy day I approach 40.  2.5 days a week in the clinic.  OR the other two days.  I do clinic by myself and I don’t really see how I could be much busier without a PA/NP.  A scribe might be able to help me see 5 more a day?  Maybe?  That being said, I have a tendency to talk too much.

    Per the other questions, I cover ortho call and hand call at 2 hospitals.  hand call is constant, ortho call is 8 days/month.  I rarely have to see inpatients.

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    abds abds 
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    Ortho. 60 per day comfortably. Volume varies based on how many urgent consults come around, and I have 2.5 days per week of clinic, so usually 150 patients per week. I have seen more but it can get hectic. I have 2PAs so I’m including their volume with me, as we share clinic. I have no inpatient rounding. I’m 3 years into practice.

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    Avatar Peds 
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    Just did 19 in 3 hours…..

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    Avatar HikingDO 
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    FM – 21-25 in a nine hour day. Used to see 30-35 in my younger pre-EMR/quality metric days, but that was way too many either way.

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    Avatar SLC OB 
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    Work 4.25 hours as general Ob/Gyn; see 13-20 patients (less if I have more annual exams or procedures, more if I see more OB’s/UTIs/vaginal infection)

    However, my partners usually see ~18 in a 7 hour day.

    I have it dialed with an MA that literally is my “air traffic controller” where I walk out of a room and she is saying “That way—>” so that when one is undressing for gyn exam I am seeing an Ob patient and then jumping back. She helps with phone calls for normal stuff and I call the abnormal stuff. If I didn’t have her… it would be awful!

    Almost 15 years (this July) and also take 6 calls/month and am part-time CMO


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    Avatar RandomDoc 
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    Ortho, 2.5 yrs into practice. I see 35-40 a day, 2 days/week in the office, no scribe. My practice PA will pull me into a few rooms or show me a few xrays but I don’t count those. I call patients with MRI results during clinic and fill med refills. I see all of my own postops. I think having our PA see my postops is about the only way I could increase volume very much, but I’m not interested in that.

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    Avatar wideopenspaces 
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    Holy moly! Y’all see a lot of patients! I’m outpatient psychiatry, nearly 5 years into practice. I schedule 16 hours of patient care over4 days each week ( but going down to 14 hours a week starting in July!) I take 30 minutes for follow ups – although I have about 5-10 patients I see for 60 minutes/ visit, and I see new evals for 60 minutes. But I’m so full, I only take about 2 newbies a month. So I average 28 patients a week? I also supervise our 3rd year residents working in the community FM clinics doing mental health collaborative care, so I’m on the phone with them from 2:30-4:30, T/Th afternoons.

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    Avatar MaxPower 
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    Ortho hand. I see about 30 on an average clinic day. Using Epic for charting I don’t see how I could possibly see more than this without a scribe since the charting is so onerous. Clinic is 2.5 days a week and OR is 1.5+ days per week. Was closer to 1.5 or less when I started but 4 years in is closer to 2 full OR days.

    I take hand and general call. Hand call includes coverage of 3 urban hospitals (2 with 200+ beds and one with 100ish) and 10+ satellite or critical access hospitals. Anything surgical at those outside hospitals gets sent in to one of the main 3. Hand call is 4+ days a month. I’ve had stuff flown in from up to 200 miles away.

    Ortho general call is also about 4 days a month (and not always the same days as hand call). Requires inpatient rounding on anywhere from 2-12 inpatients plus any cases from the day/night before, and then anything I add on during the day, either through the ER or from inpatient consults. Coverage is at one hospital, which happens to be the busiest ER in the entire state in terms of number of patients, so it is often quite busy.

    I used to do a full clinic day on those general call days but got tired of operating until midnight every time so now I only have half day (afternoon) clinic and operate in the morning on stuff from the person on call the day before. Cut my half day clinic down to 12-16 patients. Seems like a vacation.

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    Avatar rmecc001 
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    20-25 patients on a full office day with 7-15 echo and stress studies, 2-3 holter monitors

    9th year in practice (5th in this job).

    I am on call overnight every 10th but above I am only including full office days.

    Admin 10% but I can usually fit that between patients

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    Avatar shady 
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    20-26 per day. Operate 3 days a week and clinic 2.

    3rd year.

    2 weeks of call per month but it is seldom busy.

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