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    Its not some crazy change, its certainly not detrimental, might even be beneficial…so I see nothing wrong all things considered (if the choices werent terrible). It does help you pay attention when you have something at stake.

    Its like people that say to paper trade to practice for trading. What a joke, its entirely different. Im a billionaire in my paper trading account, real life results did not follow.

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    When it is fake you remember the successes and missed opportunities.
    When it is real the failures weigh heavier.

    “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.”

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    Actually that is why emotionally I prefer bonds in my taxable account so if the market drops my taxable doesn’t do as bad as the 401K.  I know in the grand scheme of an entire portfolio it doesn’t matter and may hurt a little having bonds in taxable but at my level of investing currently it makes sense to me.

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