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    FYI it appears the WCI email/blog incorrectly states 7 PM mountain standard time, but the countdown clock indicates 7 PM mountain daylight time

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    Good point — it’s not uncommon (and also incorrect) to see PST, MST, CST, and EST used all year long. PDT, MDT, CDT, and EDT confuse people, so I just spell it out.

    7 pm Mountain. Anyway, it’s been 25 minutes and the thing’s nearly half sold out!

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    So something’s up with the WCICON thread after it merged —

    Something broken with this thread.  Not all messages posting.

    Down to 200 openings left from 600+ when I signed up.


    Popular!!!  Gonna sell out tonight!?  Wow if so.

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    The White Coat Investor The White Coat Investor 
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    Good point. Shame on me. Still, registration lasted longer than an hour so no harm done.

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