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    Considering changing jobs after 10 years, leaving private practice and going to employed with medium sized health system

    IF I leave a job that had a 401K and I am starting with a 403b / 457b, what is best way to handle the old 401k?

    If possible, would prefer to move money out of control of old employer (in case the change plans in future, etc) but don’t want to hurt my backdoor IRA potential in future.

    Should  I roll 401K into and why:


    b. traditional IRA

    c.  Roth IRA (not looking forward to the tax burden of this as account is 1mill+)

    Appreciate the help!


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    this has been answered multiple times. i will copy my previous replies as it is always the same.


    you have 4 options with retirement plans:

    1- leave it alone where it is. do this if has good options, low fees.

    2- move to new employer if accepted. do this if better options, lower fees.

    3- move to IRA. blocks backdoor rIRA, or pay tax to convert.

    4- cash out. penalties, etc.

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    Yep, a common question. See What to do with Orphaned Retirement Accounts – 7 options with when to choose each one. Not a lot different from @peds, just more detail and covers everything I could think of.

    Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP, Fox Wealth Mgmt & Fox CPAs ~ 270-247-0555

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    Most likely, you’ll want to roll to your new 403b (provided they allow it).

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    Most likely, you’ll want to roll to your new 403b (provided they allow it).

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    absent something screwy with your new 403b i have a hard time imagining this won’t be the best option.

    i think you’ll be shocked by how easy it is to move money from a prior employer 401k to a new 403b. it’s probably one page that you can sign and fax.

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