CA 529 plan (ScholarShare) offering $100 for a new account with $1000

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    Just FYI.  I signed up for my other child just now, you get the $100 added to the account in January.

    Also, while I have you here, what are reasonable allocations for toddlers? I picked the TIAA index funds with 10% bonds 20% intl (this is apparently a blend of two separate funds) and 70% US equity. I wasn’t too sure about the passive age-based portfolios, because they seemed a little conservative–for example the 0-4 age group has 20% of the fund as fixed income divided into three separate bond funds.

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    I’ve heard you can open up multiple accounts for same child, so grandparents could open up a second 529 for child already with 529 and receive $100.  $100 is probably limited to one time use per child

    age based is nice because it auto adjusts over time thus simplifying rebalancing, set it and forget it, but passive diversified equity is most aggressive option if you want less fixed income

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    I’d go as aggressive as possible for the AA, that’s what we do.  May adjust as they get closer to college age.  Otherwise could cash-flow instead.

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    That is nice of CA.

    I have my kiddos (all 5 and under) in an “aggressive portfolio” In the NY plan which is vanguard total stock and international stock 70/30%.  I will leave it there until high school and then reevaluate.

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    They’ve done a similar promo around 5/29 the past few years. I think I’ve got six bonuses. Thanks CA taxpayers!

    Just read the fine print and make sure you hit all the necessary qualifying deposits. The bonuses before required at least $25 monthly deposits for like 6 months.

    Also note that the CA plan is an excellent one, uses TIAA CREF funds and has rock bottom fees for their index funds.

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