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    I am taking my stuff to a medical office not a warzone. How durable does it have to be? I know we discussed over engineering in the car thread but it seems to apply here too.

    Eh, I bring mine on both personal and work trips and I like a bag that holds up well and looks better with time. It’s not too formal to look weird casually but good enough to work in a more formal environment. I’ve definitely had a fair share of bags over the years that have broken zippers, torn fabrics, ripped straps, etc.  I don’t think you can really over engineer a zipper. It’s either solid and durable or it’s cheap and more likely to snap. Work gave me a Sierra backpack for Doctor’s Day, it’s a nice pack but the zipper broke within a handful of uses. Maybe I’m harder on my bags than you.

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    Lordosis Lordosis 
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    Maybe I’m harder on my bags than you.

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    I am quite gentle with my stuff.  My kids on the other hand…

    I am all for durable stuff at a reasonable price.  I feel that some items are marketed to be able to withstand way more then they ever will be asked too.  And some people will pay out the nose for a backpack that can stop a bullet.


    “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.”

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    I Find This Humerus I Find This Humerus 
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    Timbuktu bag.

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    which one? those can get pricey

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    its a messenger bag. bought it new 9 years ago for 107. at the time was a crazy amount to spend.

    its still my daily bag through med school, residency, work, all airplane trips, multiple states/countries, etc.

    ranks in the top 10 of single best purchases ever made.

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    which bag was it? amazon link?

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    Avatar Michael Scarn 
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    Here is what I use:

    I have only had it a few months, so I can’t comment on durability. However, it is a very nice bag for the price. It was $120 on Amazon when I bought it.

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    Got to have that briefcase available for when that special patient comes in.

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    Backpack. My laptop goes everywhere with me. Room for other computer equipment and as many documents as I care to carry. Got it at REI, I think, years ago. Looks like it will last me forever.

    Functional appearance. Not trying to impress anyone.
    Briefcase would be a hassle and not offer as much protection for the laptop.

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    fatlittlepig fatlittlepig 
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    Looks like justice Ginsburg is a backpack person just like Fatlittlepig.

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