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  • Avatar JK 
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    I’m looking into getting a new pair of sunglasses. Up until this point I’ve used cheap sunglasses, all less than $25, but usually pretty poor quality. I’m looking to upgrade a little bit, but within reason. Admittedly I’m not a very fashionable person and I do have young kids at home (always a chance for breaking) so nothing outrageous in terms of cost, but would be interested in some good recommendations. I usually wear sunglasses in the car, a few times a year at the beach, and sometimes when I go for a run if it’s sunny. Thanks!

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    Zaphod Zaphod 
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    For sports I’d wear something nice, but car and otherwise cheap is the way to go. Chances you lose/break them increases with price.

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    Avatar ajm184 
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    Oakley Pro-M’s.  Cost 100 bucks, I’ve had them 20 years.  Course they don’t make them anymore.

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    Avatar eyebulls 
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    Maui Jim.

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    Avatar Tim 
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    “all less than $25,”
    Great rule.
    Splurge at the end of season sales at Walmart or Target’.
    I think most stores have the displays right next to the costume jewelry. The best ones are on the carousel that spins around. Whichever ones strikes your attention first is probably the standout. Take a pass on the pink frames, gives the impression of conspicuous consumption. Your new shades will look Marvelous in the car.

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    Avatar JohnW 
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    Ray Ban wayfarers – or any wayfarer-type sunglasses.  They are super light (all plastic), look good and indestructible.  Just don’t lose ‘em.

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    Avatar HumbleInvestor 
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    Polarized sunglasses brand does not matter. $25 suns? Layoff that steak once and pony up for a good pair of sun glasses.

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    Avatar wideopenspaces 
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    Goodr sunglasses are cute, cheap and perfect for running, the beach and car. I got mine over the summer and love them and now that I have them, I have noticed everyone I know has them too.

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    Avatar treesrock 
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    More important is the right fit if you’re gonna use them running.  You can easily find a good polarized pair for under $100, go try some on.  Owning a brand like Oakley or Maui Jim is nice in the event of a defect, even years down the road, will often be fixed for minimal cost.

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    Avatar TheDangerZone 
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    I am a big fan of humps optics. Polarized, stylish, durable and I wouldn’t mind one bit if something happened to them. You can get them for $25 on their website as there’s a 25-30% off code pretty much every week. Their aesthetic is reminiscent of wayfarers and persols. I had mine for about 3 months and they look brand new. I’ve broken and lost too many nice sunglasses over the years, they can be so fragile. This is much less stressful.

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    uptoolate uptoolate 
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    I always loved Vuarnet PX-2000 lenses.  Brown.  To quote Paul Simon, “Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day.” But you may not want to pay $300 for a pair of non-prescription sunglasses.  I’m very frugal but these were my Achilles heel when I was young and carefree.

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    legobikes legobikes 
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    $13 walmart brown polarized plastic wraparounds. For some reason it’s hard to find polarized sunglasses with brown/orange tint. I can’t stand looking at the world with a green or blue tint, makes everything seem so dreary.

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    Avatar Miracle Max 
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    Serengeti with driver’s non-polarized gradient lenses.  I only use them for driving, so they don’t get lost or scratched.  Cheap sunglasses for everything else.

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    Avatar Tacocat 
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    Daily driver: Goodr
    Sports specific: Smith Attack Max
    Feeling fancy: Maui Jim

    Goodr is hard to beat for style and price. For road and mountain biking (more so mtb) I think a better fitting and higher quality lens is nice. Maui Jim’s have a very kind service policy and excellent customer service… but definitely comes at a premium.

    From your post, I would think Goodr would check all the boxes.


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    Avatar RDB 
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    Agree on goodr. Have a pair in each car. Also have. Soaring of Ray-Bans (Justin). The ray-bans are definitely more substantial, but I really do not prefer them over the goodr’s at a fraction of the price.

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