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    This was one of the places that seemed possibly decent.  I’ve never really taken a beach vacation, but the thought of just doing nothing for 4 days in warm weather sounds nice.

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    We have done several all-inclusive resorts in Riviera Maya (I’d avoid Cancun).  If you like the idea of a beach getaway and doing nothing, then it’s definitely a great time; especially for 3-4 days.  Food/drink are usually really good.  I think we paid $1300/pp for 7 nights at a top resort last time.  Definitely would heed the above advice in regards to picking the correct resort for the correct reasons.

    Iberostar has some really nice resorts.  One of their compounds in RM has 5 resorts from cheap (no AC) to ultra-luxury (18yo+ and butler service with each room).  When you stay at the best, you have access to all 5 resorts water activities, restaurants, etc; while if you stayed in a lower tier one, you don’t have access to the other resorts.

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    Iberostar has some really nice resorts.

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    Iberostar had the resorts where people were getting drugged and raped.  See the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for just one article on this.  Apparently TripAdvisor was suppressing reports about the incident(s).  Not good at all.

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    One of their compounds in RM

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    Our family stayed at this Iberostar resort in July 2018 at Puerto Adventura.  It was the 4th highest tier, having to make plans relatively last minute (3 weeks between planning and leaving).  The only resort that has rooms facing the Ocean I’m aware of is the highest tier resort.   Beach is nice, pool is very large (walking it takes 10+ minutes, beer is Modela).  A lot of activities during the day (we did a 9 AM kickboxing class at a studio in the Gym).  Resort is family friendly.  Restaurants were good (I tried my best to eat them out of smoke salmon at breakfast).   Ended up paying at bit more than $1k/person for the trip.  Didn’t observe any behavior at this resort I would consider sketchy.

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    I ended up picking the top tier in that RM resort (with ocean facing room/butler)–ended up working well TBH. Four nights which left three full beach/pool days.  The occupancy was pretty low for the week which left lots of beach chairs and pool chairs.  Food was decent–about what I was expecting from an AI.  (I went with a foodie type who complained about the lack of wine options and the food).    I’d probably be willing to do it again in future years–I was great to spend three days doing nothing but reading by the beach/pool (covered in SPF 110 and a hat).  I didn’t see anything sketchy either, but we never the left the resort compound (actually never left the top tier side).  Apparently there has been an issue with seaweed on beaches in RM, but they had a groomer that kept going up and down the beach keeping under pretty good control.

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    I went to Excellence/El Carmen in Punta Cana in November.  Amazing resort.  I had a room with my own mini pool in my backyard.

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