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    We’ll be there in October. He’s ramped up conference attendance and I’ve discovered it’s my favorite way to travel. Not only is it half the cost, I get to do whatever I want during the day!


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    This.  I was just in SF with my husband.  He went to work during the day and I got to do whatever I wanted.  I did spend part of my time at his work because it’s basically a free arcade with free chef prepared breakfast/lunch/dinner but I also managed to fit in some shopping,  great walks, and an art museum. You will have a great time,  I am sure!

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    So who’s organizing the Bay Area meet up.

    I got a feeling most people like to remain anonymous around here including Fatlittlepig so it may never happen.

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    I’m going to be in the Bay Monday… having dinner at Chez Pannise. Super excited…

    Then a conference at John Muir Hospital on Tuesday.

    I prefer my meetups feces and needle free, so I’ll pass.

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    I’m not typically in the Bay… prefer to stay up in the Mountains but I surely don’t think of it like HikingDO describes.


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    Hey did you make it out here? How was your trip?

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    It was great. Food was amazing, company even better and worth the experience. It was definitely a “special occasion” type place, not something I’d do regularly but awesome for my birthday!

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