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    Also, just having parents as beneficiaries is very risky IMO, I’d name a backup – perhaps a close friend, relative, charity etc.

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    100% agree with including backup beneficiaries in the will.

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    I hope that, in the course of updating your will, you are also planning on creating (or updating) your other critical estate planning documents:

    • Financial Powers of Attorney
    • Healthcare Powers of Attorney
    • Living Will

    Updating the powers of attorney would be very high on my list of recommended actions. Some key points to keep in mind when reviewing/updating your financial powers of attorney:

    • Gifting. Are you authorizing gifting? In what amounts? Can your agent (if a family member) also receive a gift?
    • Beneficiaries. Does your agent have authority to add and/or change beneficiaries on life insurance, IRAs, retirement plans, annuities, etc.?

    For healthcare powers of attorney, if they are 14 years old, like your will, they likely need updated to comply with HIPAA laws.

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    I did a living trust on legal zoom and published a post about it on my site. I was happy with it and they do provide 1:1 service with a lawyer if needed (over the phone or email). We were not that complicated. I have a home, business, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and our kid. So if you are more complicated it may not work for you.

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