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    I recently had an a aortic valve replacement.  I go to see the surgeon for the last time (hopefully) soon.  I feel that a small symbolic gift would be a nice gesture and that I owe him more than a verbal “Thanks doc”.  I was thinking of a small $20-30 value gift might be nice.  The guy is late 40s, heck I don’t even know if he is married or not or has children.  I was thinking maybe some chocolates.  Obviously at $30 max were not talking gourmet stuff and if he doesn’t want it he can always put it in his staff break room.  Dumb idea?


    Oh yeah since it is a bovine valve:

    Image result for eat more chicken



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    FunkDoc83 FunkDoc83 
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    Gift card?  Starbucks, or something popular like Chick-fil-a! 🙂

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    Avatar Peds 
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    starbucks card?

    something shareable with the office staff?

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    Dreamgiver Dreamgiver 
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    Bottle of Balvini scotch?

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    Avatar adventure 
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    The 5k the guy earned isn’t enough?? (kidding, it’s nice to be thoughtful, and be a nice person. )

    Chocolates are easy… and also good because the doc can give them to the office staff too in case if he doesn’t want them, or wants to share with the team who cared for you.


    … hope the healing is going well!!

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    Avatar Anne 
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    I always appreciate a hand written note or card more than anything else. And the feedback of how much better you feel. But chocolates or anything else that can be shared with staff is also nice.

    CordMcNally CordMcNally 
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    I second the hand written note.

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    Lordosis Lordosis 
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    Hand written note attached to a box of chocolates?

    I always appreciate stuff that can be left in the break room for the staff to devour.

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    Avatar treesrock 
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    Agreed cards are always nice, I’ve kept all the ones I’ve been given over the years in a fancy shoebox in my office that I cherish. In terms of a $30-40 gift, generally any food/drink item that can be shared with clinic staff is appreciated. Last week a patient brought a GIANT box of baked goods from a local bakery, prob cost ~$50 and clinic staff went crazy for it. The lasagna a patient baked recently was also a hit.

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    Avatar treesrock 
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    In all seriousness if you brought in a tray of Chick Fil A strips or nuggets or something like that, I’m pretty sure the entire clinic staff would high five you. Ideally your appointment is close to lunchtime for this option.

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    Avatar Brains428 
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    I would go with a card for the doc and bring in baked goods that are shareable. Donuts are never a bad choice. I wouldn’t feel the need to go gourmet since refined sugar tastes just as good at $15 as it does at $50.


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    Avatar Peds 
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    broken thread…

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    Avatar SLC OB 
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    Things I gotten:

    Gift card to Lululemon (Loved it!)

    Peanut brittle/chocolates from See’s

    “Gift basket” with amazing homemade granola, dried fruit, trail mix, and Ghirardelli chocolate squares (this was a hit… something for everyone… the packaged the granola/trail mix in individual baggies so different people could have them)

    Yeti 20 oz mug with coffee place gift card inside

    Hydroflask water bottle in bright color (acts like a bouquet of flowers that doesn’t die!)

    It is the thought that counts and a card is much appreciated too!



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    q-school q-school 
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    interesting.  i usually give booze.

    unless i know for sure they don’t drink.  in that case (which hasn’t happened to me yet), i would probably give something else.  🙂

    i have received:

    gift card for grocery store, starbucks, movie theater

    golf balls

    tickets for sporting events, concert,





    apple butter

    deer meat


    6 pack of dr pepper


    sweet corn (including part of farm named after me)

    kid named after me


    yes i know i’m old, no need to remind me.



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    Avatar jhwkr542 
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    Bottle of wine and a note.  If they don’t drink, they always know someone who does.

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