Anyone use Finity Group Financial advisors before? Or head anything about them?

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    Why can’t you buy the Vanguard funds directly without a financial advisor?

    Also, individual disability policies usually are preferable to group policies.

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    but you’re not like the person who emailed me the other day after paying 3 years of $150K whole life premiums. (not from Finity Group.)

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    Hi, long time lurker here.  I came across this thread because I listened to WCI’s “fire your financial advisor” podcast and was curious what type of reputation Finity Group has (thanks Google for leading me here).   Here are my two cents.  Please take with a grain of salt as I’m nowhere near as financially savvy as some on this forum.

    I’ve used Finity Group since PGY3 year (four years now) and I’ve been pretty satisfied with their services (completely free while in training).

    As other posters, I obtained my own occupation disability and term insurance through them as rates comparable to what colleagues are paying.  Since finishing training I’m on a fee-only payment plan ($50/month).  My “needs/asks” are pretty basic so I skipped the 1% AUM plan.  My investments are held at Vanguard so I do all the “manual labor” so to speak.

    My advisor has never been pushy about buying anything.  He has been good at encouraging me to make my roth conversions early, fully fund my tax deferred accounts and do my backdoor Roth contributions.  There’s nothing earth shattering about the work he does, but I think the cost is worth it because he periodically checks in with reminders like, “hey do you need to increase your disability coverage now that you’re attending?  Why don’t you check to see if you can refinance (again) your student loans for a lower rate. It’s been a few months, did you bump up your savings rate like we talked about?  Have you thought more about whether you want to make roth 401(k) contributions or traditional 401(k) contributions?”

    I am someone who really appreciates the periodic check-ins to make sure a) I didn’t forget stuff b) I’m staying on track.

    And for what it’s worth, when I say I don’t understand something he stops to explain things until I get it.  I may not always agree with his recommendations (e.g. making roth 401k contributions) but he thankfully isn’t pushy.  He just states the arguments for both sides and let’s me make the call.

    I’m not sure if I’ll stay with them forever but for now they meet my needs and they are reasonably priced.



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