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    “Rather the jurors should have medical knowledge. Medical decision making is often far too complex for a lay jury to understand the nuances.”

    Peer Review Committee? Haha!
    Actually, list of 5, strike 2 taking turns. Present you case and defense. Anything from dismissed to the maximum allowed. Option to report to the state licensing board with slap on the wrist to revocation.
    The goal is proper liability and prevent malpractice.

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    I had to laugh at panscans “dangerous doctor list”

    Let’s see how that goes. I love residents.

    It did remind me when I was a naive new doc and I actually wrote down all the crazy stuff I saw from my partners as I though they were all idiots and felt I needed to record it..

    I then realize there will soon be a new crop of docs who think I’m a complete idiot.. and that mistakes can happen to anyone.

    As long as u aren’t the one running the dept “bad docs” can be a good thing. It keeps admin focused on them. As long as I’m seen as “better/safer” then hopefully they get fired before me.

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    I am not talking about the big miss of a mass on chest CT.  That family deserves compensation.

    I am talking about the patient who arrives to the hospital with severe sepsis, gets fluid resuscitation and broad spectrum antibiotics, but the attorney gets an expert to say that the extra 30 minutes to do this or that made the difference between life and death.  In some of the counties near where I practice, the jury just looks and sees, “Rich doctor, poor plaintiff/family, so sympathetic, just give them the money.”

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    Luckily, even though a horrendous experience overall and crappy, juries seem to do a decent job of doing the right thing. Doctors win upwards of 80% of cases that go to trial. Even horrific ones. Malpractice is pretty egregious a standard, and rightly so, there are many unknowns in this gig and frankly little that we know for sure would have made a difference and docs love to speculate their theories, many on the witness stand unfortunately. Doctors arent careful enough about the implications of what they say or the true imprecision in much of our work to be perfectly honest. I’ve seen malpractice thrown around these forums somewhat wantonly, with little to zip info, there should be a bit more respect about the whole thing.

    I actually just saw a ct scan from a very prestigious university medical center near me where they happened to miss a ginormous fungating breast cancer that was obvious to a janitor walking by the reading room, all because it wasnt in the area the scan was ordered for. These things indeed happen. And it likely wont change her outcomes in the least. Terrible miss, yes, material to her outcome, etc…nope.

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    Here are a couple of experiences for reference.

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