Anyone here agree with FLP that traveling is overrated?

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  • fatlittlepig fatlittlepig 
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    Usually after a few days away from home Fatlittlepig is ready to get back home.
    Traveling is always more fun to anticipate and think about in theory. The actual travel is exhausting, tiring- boarding planes, getting to airport, sight seeing, unhealthy eating. Good memories after the fact but kind of Overrated. And yes I have done quite a bit of traveling.

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    Hank Hank 
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    Nope, totally disagree.  Getting there can be a pain in the butt (whether you pay for business class or are crammed into steerage), but being somewhere completely different for a decent length of time is awesome!

    There are more cool places to visit and live (short term) than I have days left on this earth.  Sure, there are places that are dicey from a safety, rule of law, or infectious disease perspective.  Then again, if you grew up in Detroit, St. Louis, or Newark you would be familiar with some of those threats already.  Be aware of your surroundings and don’t be dumb.

    There are too many great museums, historic sites, gorgeous natural vistas, and dining opportunities both street and Michelin three star that it would be a shame to miss out on them.  If you have intellectual curiosity about art, architecture, industrial advancement, history, culture, etc. there’s so much cool stuff out there to see!  The thrill of the hunt to get a last minute deal or catch a special on airfare is fun.  Planning a trip well in advance and reading about what you’re going to see is also fun. (If you take a Panama Canal transit on a cruise ship, be sure to read David McCullough’s The Path Between the Seas prior to your trip or at least on your cruise.)  The more you know about human culture, science, empires, religion, philosophy, then the more interconnections you can see when you travel to a new location.  I’ve seen world class exhibits in third world nations that provided a new perspective on things that I thought I already knew.  I also have seen local museums in small Caribbean islands that looked liked the sort of thing that the third-best team at the local high school might have put together.  Both were insightful for the local perspective on what was going on, although for different reasons.

    You can’t spend all of your time jet-setting and flitting around the world.  That said, there’s way more cool stuff out there to see than I’ll ever have time.  I’m happy when I get a little bit of time away from work and get to see more of it.  If spending $500 on a transcontinental flight instead of $5000 for business class will cover the cost of a week or two of travel, then I’m more than happy to make that sacrifice.  Cruises also can be a great way to see a bunch of stuff for a reasonable price.  You have a hotel room that stops in a different port each day, plus your meals are included.  The wife and I have been bringing the average age down on ships for a little while now.

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    Zaphod Zaphod 
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    You are describing traveling with young children.

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    the actual traveling part is terrible IMO (the entire process from leaving the house until arrival at lodging at final destination). I don’t enjoy it at all and we have resorted to only flying first class…but that still doesn’t avoid actual being in the crowded airport, being stuck on tarmacs, plane delays, traffic, rental car shuttle busses, etc….

    honestly, a lot of my travel enjoyment comes from the fact that i’m not at work rather than i am in whatever destination….

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    I reluctantly agree with you, somewhat.  The key word being OVER-rated, especially these days.  I’ve traveled a bit as well, I enjoy it here and there, I’ve lived in popular tourist destinations and follow the travel “hype” online.  I have my doubts about some of it. One of my biggest concerns these days is over-tourism in many areas.

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    ENT Doc ENT Doc 
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    Depends on traveling habits. I find the need to set a schedule and stick to a schedule. The upside is that everything is very well researched and planned and you see a lot of stuff. The downside is that you feel like you’ve seen everything before you actually go there, and are on a regimented schedule that isn’t relaxed. I hope to defy my natural inclinations on future trips and have more time to just hang out and relax.

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    Lordosis Lordosis 
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    I kind of feel that way too with some traveling.  However these are the types of things if you say in public you are completely chastised for.  It seems that everyone loves traveling and if you say boo then everyone jumps on you and calls you sheltered and a bumpkin.

    I have had some great trips that I remember fondly.  I have had others that I remember as being pain in the rear and being bored.  It is worse now with children but should get easier as they grow (I hope)


    I feel this way about some shows.  Some of them I just do not care for and they do not live up to the expectations.  However if you dare say anything a bunch of puffed shirts theater goers will beat you with their playbills.


    Everyone does not have the same interests.  Sometimes we do things for our family for their interests but I am not a fan of doing something just because society says it is interesting.

    Then again how will I know if I do not try…

    “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.”

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    Overrated? Probably. But I still really enjoy it. However, I can see why some people would prefer to stay at home. I do find it odd how enjoying travel has become a virtue (and thereby a more acceptable way to spend money).

    If you are traveling it is important to find the right companions and figure out your priorities. I enjoy slow travel where I just soak in a different place. Of course I want to see the famous sites as well but I don’t want to turn my vacation into a checklist of the things I must see. I’m not saying my way preferred way is inherently superior; it is just better for me. It helps to travel with people who have a similar travel philosophy.

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    Avatar trebizond 
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    Nope, travel is not overrated. I think people could enjoy the travel more if they did some additional research so they understood how unique a place they are seeing is, or its historical importance, or whatever. But no, travel is not overrated.

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    q-school q-school 
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    depends on whether you have two hotel rooms or just one.


    hatton1 hatton1 
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    As I continue to age the destination has to be somewhere I really want to go to overcome the annoying aspects of travel.

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    Splash Refinancing Bonus

    I live to travel.

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    You are describing traveling with young children.

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    Some of my most memorable moments over the years have occurred when we have traveled with my daughter. We have taken her to many places over the years, starting with the Grand Canyon at age 5 and the jungles of Peru when turned 6. These have been some of the wonderful bonding moments with my child and I would not trade that for some couples-only resort travel.

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    Avatar wideopenspaces 
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    I am pretty sure I don’t like to travel as much as other people. I hate flying and I’m convinced I’m going to die in a plane crash at some point, so my irrational fear probably plays a role. But honestly I just love my life at home, my routine and I get a lot of joy out of the “mundane” day to day stuff. When I travel I try to keep it to one thing a day so we can still relax and go for a run, cook a meal at home, etc. I’ve got flights to 4 separate locations in the month of July and I admit I might enjoy my time off more if I was just at home the whole month 😆

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