Any of you "cord cutters" using more than one terabyte data?

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  • triad triad 
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    Best guesses are either 1) you have some device plowing through your data (a ring doorbell, wifi security camera, e.g.) or 2) a neighbor is stealing your data.

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    yeah, change your wifi password first

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    childay childay 
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    A terrabyte is a lot of data. Suspect you are streaming 4K videos

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    fatlittlepig fatlittlepig 
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    I once got a 1Tb alert, I spent some time trying to figure out what was using up so much data but never found out. It didn’t happen again.


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    Avatar Tim 
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    Once we had an Iphone that was serviced. The phone started “chewing up data” in tremendous bunches. Turns out on of the cellular settings defaults to Roaming ON. Even with a decent wifi connection, it would automatically switch to the phone data line and use the carrier. Every app that was on the phone was continually pinging for an update even if you were not using them. The point, check your phone settings as well.

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    TrumpMD TrumpMD 
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    Install Google Wifi and start tracking where you data is going.

    Are you running torrents or streaming lots of 4K?  Those are the main ways people would rack up huge bandwidth consumption.

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