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    The Big Short was great.  Glengarry Glen Ross – ‘ABC’.

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    Trading Places is tremendous.

    HBO’s Too Big To Fail is great I thought.

    Inside Job is a good documentary about the same subject.

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    The Planet money episode explains in detail the last part of the movie very well. The Eddy Murphy rule.

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    More an intermediate movie, book.
    What happens when the ‘Big short’ or frozen OJ trade goes wrong ?
    What is the difference between investing, speculation and gambling?
    I got a lot from reading Dostoyevsky’s book, ‘the gambler’, written in 27 days as a bet to pay off, nach gambling debts !
    Also there is a movie about this, ‘the gambler (1997)’, the book I thought was better.

    I came to the Dostoyevsky book in 2013-2014 when I was down 500k, then 1M, then 1.5M on speculation and investments during that period that went from bad to worse.

    If you are an active investor, many people will reach a stage like the grandmother in the novel. Having realised you’ve succumbed to foolishly losing to gambling. Some people give up the game, others become lost like the protagonist in the novel. Some are able to bounce back. I had to succumb to large losses 3 times (2001, 2008, 2014) before I learnt my lesson. The losses in 2014 had a deep effect on me, as they were not related to any general downturn. Sometimes I wonder whether I have learnt my lesson or whether I will make a fatal series of errors again.

    My take: anyone can fall into gambling in their active investing/speculation. Dostoyevsky and the characters he portrays have pathological gambling.

    The difference between active investing and roulette ? The expected return.

    The movie could have been an incredible psychological profile of gambling, risk and cognitive biases in active investing, but the sex scenes are distracting.

    The book is probably the second most influential one to me.

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    Billions is a great series on the financial world.  Will you learn anything that you can actually apply?  No, but they do use a lot of financial terms.

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    If you really want to educate yourself on the reality of our current financial systems, you’re going to have to do some reading, not watching (note that “reading” to me is listening on my Bluetooth headphones, Audible subscription). Some good books related to investing and finance in my library (including many true insider stories of failure in finance and banking) are:

    • The Rational Optimist (I wish everyone would read this book)
    • Volcker: The Triumph of Persistence
    • The Road to Serfdom
    • The New Road to Serfdom
    • Crash of the Titans
    • When Genius Failed
    • Barbarians at the Gate
    • Too Big to Fail
    • Liar’s Poker
    • The Big Short
    • Lords of Finance
    • The First Tycoon
    • Fool’s Gold
    • Conspiracy of Fools (Enron scandal)
    • Too Good to be True (Bernie Madoff)
    • The Wizard of Lies (Madoff)
    • No One Would Listen (Harry Markopolos, who exposed Bernie Madoff first)
    • Pound Foolish (exposing the dark side of the personal finance industry)
    • Titan (Rockefeller)


    Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP, Fox Wealth Mgmt & Fox CPAs ~ ~ [email protected]

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