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    I haven’t gotten this far in my life, so my education on Annuities is limited.

    However, my in laws are considering an 10 year annuity with Allianz, that has a death benefit for the kids. Their main goal is to be able to try and compound some money with the lowest risk possible for and leave their 2 children with some money. One of those children is of course my wife, who hankfully has very little need. But her brother has would significantly benefit from this inheritance. The father is a retired Gen Physician with the government and has great medical insurance and pension for him and his wife. He is considering a 10 year annuity with 100k of extra money and planning to re-invest any distributions into something simple and low risk like a CD. I know there would be many other better recommendations, but given this scenario my questions are relatively simple. What questions should he be askin about this annuity? Is Allianz a good company? Are there better companies for a simple annuity with a death benefit? What other options might be better/safer to do with an extra 100k? Please keep in mind he wants as close to zero risk of losing any principle as possible. Thank you!

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    Does he want to keep access to the money in case he needs it?

    An annuity is not a very tax efficient way to leave assets. It’s close to one of the worst. Beneficiaires will have to pay taxes on any gains at ordinary income tax rates.

    Is the money qualified (in a retirement account)?

    Allianz is a solid company – one of the biggest annuity companies in the world. Hard to say if it offers the best death benefit option. They offer a bunch of different annuities. Is the death benefit something more than just the value of the annuity?

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