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    Yeah really. Being pissed at him for quitting is the same as expecting physicians to work until they cannot. Sometimes it is good to go out on a high note.

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    Wrong analogy. It is closer to a specific set of patients being pissed because their physician closed up shop today without having given them months of warning to find a new practice to take care of them. And a high note would have been end of last season, not the week before a new one when team plans had already been made.

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    Because there is a social contract whereby a lot of average people pay a relative few very physically talented individuals to play a game.

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    Social contract, give me a break. Just because a lot of people have no life other than watching football, does not obligate Andrew Luck to sacrifice his body and spirit for one more minute than he desires.

    This is like a ridiculous past thread on here claiming that physicians who chose to FIRE are abdicating their obligation to society.

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    Your empathy for the average fan, etc man, is noted. Although, honestly, I’m with you. The players ought to get roughly $50k a year. Heck, it’s just a game. Perhaps then the fans would not be as frustrated when an Andrew Luck says, I got mine, so long losers.

    I normally stay out of the physician philosophy discussions, but of course docs who FIRE are abdicating their obligations to society. It’s a free country and docs like anyone can do what they want. I’m sure there many reasons why that an individual doc may feel quitting is the right thing to do.  But you docs out there correct me if I’m wrong, after medical school don’t most of you take an oath loosely based on hippocratic concepts, among which are service to humanity and care for your patients? It’s not binding to a life of misery, but it is most certainly a social contract.

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    alrighty then

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