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    Splash Refinancing Bonus

    I have been using Acorns app for nearly 2 years and love it so far. Just wanted to hear everyone’s thought about it.


    I think the fee structure is harsh on people with low balance ($1 per month) but if you once you have 1000-2000 dollars then the fee is negligible (0.1%). I have the money in an aggressive portfolio which consist of

    40% large company stock

    20percent small company stock

    10 percent emerging market

    10 percent real estate

    20 percent international

    They have other less aggressive options available if need with more bond mix.

    They usually use low-cost Vanguard ETFs.

    2 best features that I like are

    1. Daily investing (I set 100 dollars to be invested into my acorn account every day so a big chunk of money is not leaving my account at once

    2. Auto re-balancing. I never felt comfortable in re-balancing my portfolio so I am glad to pay 12 dollars per year to do that. I think its saves time too.


    I know the app was built for Millenials in mind to invest pennies and dimes in mind but so far my experience is great with nearly 100K invested with them. One feature they don’t have is tax-loss harvesting but back in Dec 2018, I did tax-loss harvesting in my vanguard account that I could claim for the next several years. They also have a cashback program where you can get money back if you purchase an item via their website.


    Just wanted to hear everyone else’s experience with them.

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    $100k account
    Please don’t tell me you have 1000 tax lots.

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    Haven’t some of those apps messed up their tax loss harvesting with the ridiculous amounts of rebalancing that they do?

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    Are you sure you didn’t create a wash sale?
    You shouldn’t have REITs in taxable.
    Does their rebalancing generate taxes?

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