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    I have accumulated some $30,000 in my 403(b) account from residency. I am currently doing a fellowship (this program offers 403(b) too) for 1 year and I would prefer not to move the my previous 403(b) contributions to my fellowship program due to the short duration of the fellowship. What other options are available to me? Thank you

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    1 leave it where it is. could move it later

    2 rollover to IRA

    3 convert to Roth

    consider option 3 if your marginal tax rate is low enough (<25% or so)

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    Did you read the other posts?
    Thanks @jac

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    As long as it has a somewhat decent choice I would just leave it where it is for now and roll it into your next plan.
    Consider the Roth conversion if you are in a low tax bracket.

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    1. Leave it where it is.
    2. Roll it into your current plan, then roll the entire current plan into your next employer’s plan.
    3. If you have the money to pay the conversion taxes on the $30,000, roll it directly into a Roth IRA.
    4. If you plan to do annual Backdoor Roth IRA strategy, do not roll it over into a Rollover IRA, as it will cause pro-rate rule issues.

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