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    Myself and my husband have been filing taxes jointly for the past 5 yrs. he was a fellow till this yr and started his attending job recently. In 2019 we will both be making full attending salaries for the first time…Yay!!!! we do not have any loans other than mortgage … our incomes are going to be similar…. we have only w-2 incomes.

    Was just curious if filing separately has any additional benefit to filing jointly in this situation… we have already filed 2018 taxes jointly. one kid…. 2yrs old

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    Marriage penalty doesn’t take effect until after $600k.  Depends on your situation but you lose out on the following by filing separately:

    The child and dependent care tax credit
    Tax-free exclusion of U.S. bond interest
    The American Opportunity Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit for higher education expenses
    The deduction of net capital losses

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    @ENT doc- thank you for the reply… next yr our gross income will be more than $600k but taxable might be less after all our pretax contributions …so i am assuming filing jointly is still the right thing to do…

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    Yes. MFJ.

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