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    I am most definitely not an employee of the hospital. I’m employed by a large private practice (an LLC). We take care of our own patients at this hospital and participate in ER call for patients without a community physician. I don’t know how relevant the backstory is but: This hospital reached out to my practice and asked them to take over a failing clinic. In return, they offered to assist in recruiting providers to cover that clinic (e.g. the sign on bonus and moving expense reimbursement paid by them and not my employer). This clinic is no longer their clinic. The only way the hospital is involved is that we’re renting the clinic space from them in their office building. Does that have any relevance in why they may not have included the moving expenses? Or is it still likely just an accounting error?

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    I don’t have any more to offer at this point. You should either take it up with your CPA or just file the return as you see fit. I’m surprised @spiritrider hasn’t joined the conversation.

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