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Broken thread?

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  • Broken thread?

    I made a comment on this thread

    Are nonsensical orders a medicolegal liability?


    IT never showed up and I could not view any further comments made.  I did not really care and was going to let it go but now someone liked my comment So I have a notification that will not go away.  This might drive me insane.  Any ideas?

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    The site is showing cached pages. Clear your internet history and cache and I bet your comment and other new comments will show up. WCI is aware this is happening , they are working on it


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      Is it this comment? I can see it on my screen, along with the like.

      btw, that has happened to me in a sense before. Every time I visited a certain thread, the "like" popped back up again and it was driving me crazy, too - couldn't get it to disappear. I finally just avoided the thread.
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        I cleared the history and it worked.  Thanks!