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I need a book to read

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    Originally posted by Doc Spouse View Post
    For the Sy Fy lovers, I've been reading the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons and it's blown me away. Only up to book three so far, but best hard Sy Fy series I've read in a long while. Old books, too (first written in 85). Can't believe I've never read them.
    I read those for the first time 2 years ago. Just a fantastic tale. I read a lot but only a few scenes ever stick with you for a while. Hyperion has just so many.
    the father daughter story really just stuck out amongst the rest.

    The whole series was good but the first really stands alone.


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      Thanks for the recommendation - I finished Hyperion this weekend and have started on the second book. Great read!

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    If anyone is a home DIY geek/nerd like myself:

    Tax strategies:

    I have no interest in sales of the books or relation to the authors. Yes I have both of these. Yes I am weird. I found both these books really easy to read. Short, & every time I re-read it I pick up something new. Just the knowledge & theory are fascinating to me.