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Nancy Nurse - Solution for Student Loan Debt - Go On Strike and Don't Pay It!

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    Information and data is available. Many avenues are available for free to facilitate learning as well.
    It takes a student to learn. Sometimes it costs and sometimes it doesn’t.
    Knowledge has a cost, minimum is the ability to spend the time learning. Nancy Nurse says she has knowledge. I say she has a loan!
    Just saying.


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      There are so many similarities among those who "'need" their loans forgiven. To mention them would "mean".

      This is why I don't like my generation. A few make the rest of us look bad. Terrible. Stupid. Weekly I get told "you are much smarter than I thought".

      Reminds me of the group clamoring for no pursuit against those who jump the MTA turnstiles. And all the trains should be free.

      I am aware I am unhinged at times. Sometimes I want "these people" to have what they want. So it can implode. And they can live with their consequences.

      ...................... Oh wait. They don't live with their consequences now. I'm dumb for thinking they would change.

      All the knowledge they needed to know before picking their major & signing for the loans is widely & freely available. They chose not to look into it. Personal responsibility is dying if it isn't already dead.


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        “Personal responsibility is dying if it isn't already dead.”
        This is not new and this is not a generational thing. There seems to be a lot more of it though. It used to be embarrassing to be broke or poor.


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          Here's the crazy thing though: how many people pick an academic major and then spend 4 to 6 years in higher education pursuing that major without doing the tiniest bit of due diligence?

          How many folks bother to check the Bureau of Labor Statistics' report on current compensation and forecast of employment prospects for a given career field? How many folks spend as little as a half day shadowing someone who works in their intended field before committing to spend their upper division years of undergrad on that major? It's simply madness.


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            This program is an abomination. $167 billion forgiven over 10 years to graduate students?



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              Would anyone signup for a program the the result wasn’t loan forgiveness, but a type of “indentured servitude “.
              Basically, you had x number of years to educate yourself and signed up to pay it back. Pack your bags, “drop and gimme 10 granny”. Gramps, that’s “sir, yes sir”. Student Loan Corps has boot camps and 2 year service commitments . You might even decide to re-enlist. Pay with money, or pay with enlistment. Now, do you want to borrow money?


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                Perhaps the taxpayers should not fund degrees that consistently are not paid back.


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