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  • Giving day quiz

    Found a fun little quiz for Giving Day.

    Who gave the most as a percent of their net worth in 2018?

    I will close the poll and post the answers tomorrow at lunch.
    Remember googling the answer only proves to yourself that you are a cheater.
    Bill Gate
    Micheal Bloomburg
    Warren Buffett
    Jeff Bezos
    Mark Zuckerburg

    The poll is expired.

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    Does getting divorced count as giving?


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      I guess if you are married to a 501c3


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        % of wealth as measured when?


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          Does it include their foundations? Also, who is Bill Gate? Is that the guy from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?

          Edit: The more I look at the spelling of the names the more I think FLP took you out for a 3 beer lunch today.


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            I had a busy day in the office today since I was off yesterday. I was rushing. Give me a break.

            the ability to have a 3 beer lunch sounds like a good reason for FIRE


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              Sorry I was late. I had a lunch meeting I forgot about today and got behind in the clinic. Real life take precedence ya know.

              I was surprised as well. I guess Bill Gates (or Bill Gate) is just better known for philanthropy. But according to this data The winner is Buffett.

              This fun quiz was brought to you by the Morning Brew. It is a daily business email that I read about and signed up for a few weeks ago. I did it as an effort to keep up with world affairs but not get bogged down reading the internet. It is a nice 5-10 min read every morning. I like the sense of humor of the writers as well. It is also at the best price of free! Of course there are ads and biases but overall I would recommend it. If you are interested use my signup link so I can get a coffee mug from them



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                WB has already pledged to basically give away his entire fortune


                • The White Coat Investor
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                  I'm much less impressed with someone who pledges to give away his fortune than someone who actually gives a lot of money away during life (to be fair, WB has also done this.) I mean...we ALL give away our entire fortune when we die, whether to charity, the IRS, or heirs. No trailer hitches on hearses.

                • jacoavlu
                  jacoavlu commented
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                  I guess I don’t understand what you’re saying. He should give his wealth away faster? The link I posted below has a little more detail and is worth a read to hear his thoughts.

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                Originally posted by jacoavlu View Post
                WB has already pledged to basically give away his entire fortune
                Has he? That is nice of him.
                I was impressed when I was reading about Jack Bogle and how when he passed he had a net worth of 10M or so. I do not know how much he gave to charity but I imagine he could have been much wealthier if he tried to be.


                • The White Coat Investor
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                  That's a little low. I think his net worth was closer to $100M. $65M or so is my recollection but I don't know for sure. But I agree it is orders of magnitude lower than the owners of Fidelity.

                • Lordosis
                  Lordosis commented
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                  Google says 80 M. I stand corrected. But yes it could have easily have been 800M

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                Do all of these folks donate to their own private foundations or other charities? I'll still give Bezos a pass for this year, not having researched previous amounts..


                • #11
                  not Warren at least
                  he gave a huge sum to the Gates Foundation
                  but has otherwise pledged I believe to give away all of his BH shares, outside of his family
                  his kids are certainly fine but with only a fraction of the wealth created


                  • #12

                    Buffett’s giving pledge


                    • #13
                      To me, the striking thing is how much higher the percentage Buffet, Gates, and Bloomberg gave away last year then everyone else on the list. It's an order of magnitude difference.


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                        Arguably Buffett and Gates are trying to achieve good around the world while presidential candidate Bloomberg has been using a good amount of his donations to achieve his political goals throughout the United States.


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                          I think it can be difficult to compare what percentage billionaires give in comparison with, say, regular people. Regular people are typically much more liquid and would have a much easier time giving a higher percentage of wealth, if desired. This is also a reason why a wealth tax would be near impossible and would have many unintended consequences but I think that discussion is for another thread.