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Can I break a lease?

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    Part of the fun of med school is suffering together. Shared misery. Being close to school is a huge benefit. Even a 15 min commute can be really painful at times.


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      “Getting out of my comfort zone is harder than I estimated it would be.”

      Homesickness is a very real emotion. I had a roommate freshman year in college that dropped everything during the first semester. Sounds like your recognize you need to become acclimated. It will work out fine. Too much invested not to adjust. You will be fine.


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        Isn't there some quote about learning and being uncomfortable?


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          As someone who lived with parents during med school : don't.


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            If you really want out, what I'd do is ask the landlord and the roommates that if you can find someone to lease in your stead that they are all OK with, then they will let you off the hook and put the new guy on the lease.  Until you find that person (which may be never), then you just pay the rent.  Whether you actually live there is your choice.


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              Another vote for living with your classmates. There are many reasons for this, but for you specifically getting out of your comfort zone (living with family) now, rather than during residency, will make the transition much easier. You think you’ll miss home now, when you live 15 minutes away and have all the time in the world as a med student? Wait until you end up matching half a country away, living in an unknown city while taking 24 hour call for the first time.


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                If you’re closer to school, just try it out. Get out of your comfort zone. You may end up studying at a niche on campus most of the time any way. Med school and resident friends are some of the best you’ll make. Pick up tips from them and share study tips.


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                  I haven’t told anyone I want to break the lease because it’s just an idea I had. Getting out of my comfort zone is harder than I estimated it would be.
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                  Good.  Tell zero people about this, and I would not advise walking around during orientation searching for someone to replace you when you haven't even told your housemates.  And even if you do tell your housemates and go around doing that it's going to look bad/odd.  Spread your wings a bit.  Get to know your classmates.  Don't make their first memories of you as that person who was trying to get out of a lease because they had second thoughts and wanted to move back in with their parents.


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                    Are you going to suicide match to stay with your family also? Time to fly away from the nest... it's only 15 minutes away.

                    In terms of breaking the lease... if you all signed separate leases the roommates may not be on the hook for your portion of the rent (I remember some college apartments being like this).  If you can find a sublease, do it now.



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                      for me, if there were any part that made med school bearable, it was hanging out with my lovable loser classmates and commiserating.  Also helped to encourage accountability for study when weak.

                      i lived with family one year and it was the hardest year--if i could change one part of med school, i would just suck it up and live in an apartment that year.   plus i think it may be healthier for you long term-have to learn to compromise living with other adults, have to learn to cook and clean and other things that prepare you for the rest of life.

                      i also think a lot of the medical school information is communicated informally.


                      at least try it for the first year.  or keep the apartment for the week and come home on weekends.  in the scheme of things, it's not that much money.

                      good luck.