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ICD -10 Fails

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  • ICD -10 Fails

    I cam across this.  It is a little old.  Anyone else actually use any ridiculous codes?  Being somewhat rural I have used Pecked by a chicken, Bitten by other hoof stock, and Fall on board fishing boat are a few recent ones to come to mind.

    Any other good ones out there?


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    #1 is definitely the best.  I think there's a fall from spacecraft, but the others are better.


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      Anything on possession by Demons/Exorcism in ICD10 or is that non-PC relative to alien abduction?  should be like 20 or so Alien Abduction codes I'm guessing, given the exponential number of additional codes between ICD9 and ICD10.


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        My EMR will take its best guess when you search ICD 10 codes.

        For Demons I got Z71.1 Person with feared health complaint in whom no diagnosis is made

        For Alien abduction I got F44.4 Conversion disorder with motor symptom or deficit


        I would rather deal with the aliens or demons.


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          my favorite is struck by an orca, initial encounter.  not sure if they have a subsequent visit code.   my dream is to be able to bill the highest level for this code one day.  I can't seem them auditing for these odd codes.


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            Milking an animal. Not injured while milking an animal, but just milking an animal.


            What's weird is the number of things they actually DON'T have. It's hard, for example, to differentiate types of bicycle crashes. Road, MVC involved, mountain biking, downhill mountain biking- ICD 10 doesn't differentiate, which is really hard for tracking injuries.


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              Water skis on fire? I don't even understand how this is possible. Wouldn't being sucked into a jet engine kill you?

              I COULD HAVE BEEN CODING FOR IN LAW PROBLEMS????????????????????????


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                External Cause W61.12:
                Contact (accidental) with
                macaw W61.19
                strike W61.12

                Well because you know how common that is, right?!? ?


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                  For traumatic brain injury we need to specify duration of loss of consciousness for billing/compliance purposes despite not having impact on the management. My favorite has always been this:

                  "traumatic brain injury with loss of consciousness of any duration with death due to brain injury prior to regaining consciousness"

                  That gets specified further with the codes for the type of TBI as well as "initial encounter," "subsequent encounter," and "sequelae." I haven't had a use for it yet, but we're prepared in case the zombie apocalypse occurs due to TBI.