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How many paid jobs did you have before being an MD?

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  • How many paid jobs did you have before being an MD?

    High school tutor in high school for 4 months. Worked in a liquor store for a year on the weekends in college. Wish I had funded an IRA back then.

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      About 3. I ,too, wish I would have started a Roth back then.


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        I remember a similar discussion on Bogleheads. Will have to try to find my response... off the top.

        Cut lawns and yardwork; paper boy; agricultural labor - strawberries, cherries, peaches, apples; factory laborer - fiberglass insulation; commercial building maintenance; chauffeur/delivery driver; construction/renovation laborer; medical study guinea pig. I'm sure I must be forgetting a couple. All invaluable!


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          High school, worked a summer at a Dairy Queen, not a very enjoyable job, but invaluable experience. I still remember being on dishwasher duty, now that is a lot of work.

          Also did some random temp work in high school, again good experience. I remember for some reason the temp work i was assigned to involved packing these real estate lock boxes, there was a middle aged guy working with me. he told me this is what happens when you don't study and party in high school. still remember that.

          College work study job in computer lab. I also did some freelance web design work.





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            1. X-ray tracings for father’s orthodontics practice, starting age 12.

            2. Soft serve ice cream counter service, junior and senior years of high school, mostly spring and summer.

            3. Lab research for 2 summers in med school

            4. Stockboy at mall clothing retailer for one summer of med school

            5. 2 years as Howard Hughes research fellow at NIH

            Paper boy seventh grade, shoveled driveways ages 10-15, short term job making recruiting phone calls while in college


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              Nm remembered....3.


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                Nm remembered….3.
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                Couldn't completely forget about your time spent working at Chippendales, could you? :-)


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                  For the guy who had his parents pay for college and med school, I seem to hold my own in having pre-MD jobs. Maybe we are all not lazy and entitled.


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                    Grew up in a country club lifestyle. Played college sports (which as many know is a full time thing) so combination of that resulted in me being a bum when it came to working.


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                      1. grocery store bagger/clerk high school  age 16-18    minimum wage which was $2.92/hour i believe...time and a half on Sundays....

                      2. Babysitting in high school..Regular wednesday night gig when the neighbors went bowling  age 11-18.   $1.00/hour for a girl and her identical twin brothers to this day i can't tell apart.....

                      3. Hair salon receptionist last summer before high school age 18

                      4. Calculus tutor for Office of Supportive Services in college  age 19-22....slick job...would work hours in between my own classes. Paid well.

                      5. McDonalds.  my BFF and i went as a tag team drive through pair one summer during college. .she was the first window..i was the second...we had a blast. age 19

                      6. Temp work (i think they called it Kelly girl at the time)..i was sent to a Vinegar factory (that was awful), a night job plastics factory, a factory where i drilled the hole in the end of frying pan handles, and ended up in a chocolate factory making Turtles  age 20

                      7. ROTC stipend... (does that count??? i did have to show up for stuff during college....PT, training exercises, etc) . it was $100/month  age 19-22

                      8. Active duty student training summer during medical school... 2 months paid externships.



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                        1. Started at 14 washing dishes at a summer 4h camp.

                        2. Bag boy at supermarket till 1yr after high school

                        3. Joined Navy for 6 years

                        4. Started college, worked at sears automotive center while attending, graduated after 3 years.

                        5. After Internship I moonlighted fairly heavily, doubling  my resident salary before graduating from residency and working in an ER until retiring.


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                          Worked on weekends for years at my parent's Asian restaurant. Waiting and busing tables. No wage, just paid in cash tips.

                          For a few years while I was in high school we had a dry cleaner so I helped out there after class.

                          Worked at Best Buy for a holiday season my senior year of high school. Discovered that I'm a terrible salesman and mostly felt bad about some of their retail tactics.

                          Worked at a pizza shop for about a year, great job. Awesome manager and met people from all walks of life.

                          Work study jobs in college at the Boys and Girls Club, Admissions office, Biology lab.

                          For the most part, I hated working at the family business and giving up my weeknights and weekends but it sure did help motivate me to never want to work like that for a living.


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                            Oh boy I had a lot. I frequently worked several at a time. And some were seasonal.
                            I started in a sewer plant.
                            Kids camp counselor
                            Go kart attendant
                            Front desk at a hotel
                            Filling vending machines
                            Ski instructor
                            Sporadic waiter and Bell hop
                            Kaplan instructor
                            A lot more little things but those are the ones I did for at least a season.

                            I am surprised I did not develop diabetes the summer I did the vending machines. I ate so many twix and drank so much Snapple. Just thinking about it now grosses me out.


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                              Worked continuously for money once able (except in-session med school).  But before that, in our family, you started general free labor as soon as you could hold a shovel or push a lawnmower (shoveling horse stalls, doing lawns, painting, installing fences, cleaning apartments, etc...)

                              Starting at age 16...  Til now....

                              Grocery Store Chain General Abuse Peon

                              Drug Store Stocker and Truck Unloader Grunt

                              Weekend Bookkeeper for another store

                              Maintenance / Minor Repair Guy for a Realestate Company

                              General Yard Work for hire 1099less IC Status

                              Nurse’s Aid


                              Chemical Laboratory Technician


                              Full Doctor!  (I made it! Cue the “you’re in the money” soundtrack)