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  • Interesting Article

    Just got done reading this article:

    I thought it was a well written article that shined a light on where med school tuition is going. But, for a 2 physician household 300k debt should not take 10 years to wipe out as the author mentions in the beginning and end of this article.

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    I have mixed feelings, med schools are ripping students off, probably. However I don’t have that much sympathy for physicians as they can discharge the loans if they live a reasonable lifestyle. There is a guy in my group who had nearly 300 in debt and paid it off in 3 yrs as a hospitalist. The people I feel bad for are the teachers and other college graduates who took out student loans and actually will have to struggle to discharge the debt.


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      I just have trouble understanding the “extravagant” life the attending wife envisioned. Maybe it’s just dramatic writing to make the article interesting.


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        Two physicians with only 300k in debt. They got off easy. Even if they go into the worst paying fields and work part time they can handle that. Not if they buy a big house and lease two cars though.


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          Agree with the above. They are coming out with less than average debt that should NOT take a decade to pay off. Barring personal disasters, they can live comfortably off one person’s income.

          I do appreciate many aspects of the article, especially Grossman’s mentioning of unproductive faculty. I saw plenty of this at my Med school and residency. Glad he had the guts to call it out


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            How shallow to not mention the unlimited supply of student loans funded by John Q Taxpayer as a driving force for tuition increases. Unproductive faculty are only allowed to exist because of a system awash with too much money. They aren’t the driving force.


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              How is their debt crushing? It seems pretty typical compared to other fields. I'd rather be two docs 300k in debt than a new engineer 100k in debt from a money perspective. I don't get it.. Buckle down for a few years and your debt is gone and you're set if you live reasonably.

              But yes I love how every school has 5 vice presidents of diversity now and all that crap which means absolutely nothing but waste.


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                And what is this stuff about a glamorous life? Sounds like an immature childish dream.