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Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

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  • Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

    I have been using LibreOffice ( since my university subscription to Office 365 ran out. So far so good, it seems to run the same formulas excel did, and I even keep my same .xlsx and .docx files I had made with Microsoft Office, and can open and edit them well.


    Anyone else have experience with alternatives to Microsoft Office and how to save a few bucks by avoiding their annoying subscription fees, vs buying the one time licenses that keep going up in price?


    Now I just need a free e-mail program that can open and search my archived .PST files from outlook and I'm all set.

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    If you don't mind Google having all your data, then their cloud documents solution is pretty decent.

    My issue with Libre is the formatting.  It's fine if you're the only person looking at it, but heaven help you if you need to send it to multiple people who may be using different versions of MS Office.  I wasted plenty of hours in the past making something look perfect with Libre, only to have it be an unreadable mess to the intended audience.  Most of the time you're fine with simple tabs and carriage returns... Start throwing complex formatting in there, and stuff like footnotes and bookmarks, and you're going to have a bad time.

    These days, I just bite the bullet and pay Microsoft.  It's a pittance for the use I get out of it, and is a deductible expense come tax time.
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      Google Docs.

      However I believe cloud sites such as Box partner now with Microsoft and have online versions letting you edit documents using Microsoft Office online if they are stored in the Box cloud. Dropbox may do something similar and I would assume OneDrive (Microsoft cloud) must buy haven’t looked
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        Libre. Google.
        Been a while since I've had a formatting issue.


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          Pay for it, its worth it. Google is garbage and has a cost, you just dont realize it.


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            There is none.  Office is best.  Pay money


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              Office 365 can be had for like $50 per year during deals such as Prime Day. You get 6 users. Use it for work and that’s a deductible expense. You also get I think 1 TB OneDrive storage so no need for Dropbox etc. The iOS app backs up all my photos and videos so I’ve no need to buy the iPhone model with more storage. Or pay for more iCloud space.