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  • Amazon Prime!

    Leaving all the controversy, are folks on this forum planning to buy anything this Prime day? My SO bought an August SmartLock. I always feel that I end up buying stuff which I don't really need.

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    These days are silly. Just like black Friday. Can get similar quality deals all year.


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      I checked over there earlier. It looks like a few teaser deals and mostly close out crap. I am not into digging through all the schlock to see if there is something that I can use. Pass!


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        $5 on $25 gift card. no brainer. literal free money.

        some laptop deals im considering. anyone looking at xps13 type laptop look at the asus zenbook 13. doubt any gamers but acer helios 300.


        you guys know about camelcamelcamel right?


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          Just a friendly reminder to use to get free donations to your charity of choice. Mine goes to Doctors Without Borders.


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            Used my $10 whole foods prime day credit and nine bucks of giftcard on 4k mission impossible fallout.  Still haven't seen it.


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              $5 on $25 gift card. no brainer. literal free money.

              I always feel that I end up buying stuff which I don’t really need.
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              The more you spend the more you save!


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                I looked because I kept getting emails reminding me of the 10$ credit I had that would only be applicable on Prime Day. But I don’t want or need anything, so no. I wasted 5 minutes looking at stuff I don’t want or need, and bored myself in the process.
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                  Big discount on Mach 3 razor blades. It only let me buy 2 packs but I would have bought 10 if possible.


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                    $5 on $25 gift card. no brainer. literal free money.
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                    is there a catch to this?


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                      Samsonite Centric Expandable Hardside Luggage Set with Spinner Wheels, 2-Piece (20”/24”)
                      4.5 out of 5 stars
                      22 customer reviews

                      With Deal:
                      Free Shipping for Prime Members
                      You Save:
                      $300.00 (70%)

                      Needed some luggage.


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                        I purchased the 25 dollar gift card on amazon.  I think that you have to click on coupon button, and the credit is supposed to be applied in a few days?


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                          You have to spend $25.


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                            The key is IF you want a need for something, this is a very good time to buy it.  eg:  eero for those wanting to get into mesh wifi was a very good deal that you're not going to see all the time.  Just like Black Friday -  buy the teasers if you need them, pass on the rest.   Easy to say, but hard to do....but with this crowd of 20%+ savers----I'm sure the self control is probably there....just pick up on the deals.

                            One big saver we've done in the past AMEX 20% stacking promo -- this year we didn't qualify on any of our accounts.  In the past we were able to use that promo several times and saved us a lot that were overdue in replacements -- luggage, plates (22 years old -- original wedding gifts!), chromebook; fire tv.

                            This year we didn't do anything though despite some decent deals.


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                              Got Mac razor blades and an echo dotthat we needed.

                              Wish the new roomba s7 was on sale and the nest wifi locks.