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Apology to Entrepreneur MD

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  • Apology to Entrepreneur MD

    In a separate thread Fatlittlepig wrote some unnecessarily critical comments about entrepreneur md that I regret. As all parents know, being a parent is both the most important job we have and it happens to be the most difficult. I am sure his child(ren) are wonderful and charming individuals. To have parenting critiqued on a online forum is unnecessary. Many of us are raising kids who are privileged compared to our own experiences. The effort remains ongoing to raise them to be mindful, and grateful of how fortunate they are.


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    Not that I think it matters, but I have just gained enormous respect for you.
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      I had been following the referenced thread and didn't really have anything useful to say on that thread.


      1. I have always enjoyed FLPs comments

      2. I think I will enjoy them even more now. Thanks FLP.

      3. Parenting is hard, I feel for Entrepreneur MD. Everyone (not intended as a shot at FLP) is a critic when it comes to parenting.


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        I agree.  I hope nothing I said seemed pushy it is just how I plan to raise my family.  We are allowed our differences of opinion.  I hope there are no hard feelings between any of us.