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One week adventure vacation - solo trip

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  • One week adventure vacation - solo trip

    WCI folks !

    Looking for recommendations for 1 week solo adventure trip anywhere (esp. South America). Any prior experiences/recommendations? Companies that you've worked with before?



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    Do you want to go on a planned trip/tour with a group or completely solo?


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      Open to both. Very flexible. If find something in a group then would consider that too.


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        What's your definition of adventure (I.e. mountain climbing, extended backpack/camping trip, day hiking?)

        How is your fluency in Spanish (or Portuguese)?

        How much are you looking to spend?


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          We did our honeymoon in Belize. Cave tubing. Rainforest tree house. Hiking. Then fly to the coast. I constantly hear epic things about costs rica. But it depends on a lot of factors like your age, activity level, budget, etc


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            Check out G Adventures and Intrepid Travel if you're interested in small group adventure-style tours.  Both companies offer a variety of tours all around the world, so you'll be spoiled for choice!


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              I constantly hear epic things about costs rica
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              Wonderful reviews and anecdotal friends have raved. The recent news has been much less favorable.If my understanding is correct, the FBI has sent a team down due to questionable responses from local, state, and national officials.


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                The Wilderness Medical Society offers some fun adventures in the U.S. and abroad, and if you have CME money to spend...




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                  If you have just one week and are looking for true adventure, you should hike the Inca Trail. The problem is when do you expect to do this trip? May/June is the best time to go. It's not for the faint of heart...I did it when I was 30 and I trained for 6 months and it was still hard to do! But it was adventurous and worth the experience and bragging rights to say I did the walk instead of taking the train up. The hike is over 3 days and 2 nights. You'll want to give yourself time to acclimate in Cusco so add a few more days for that. That's a week right there


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                    This sounds amazing! I know REI offers group adventuring trips that sound amazing- both in the US and international. I can't wait until my kids are bigger and I can do some trips without them!


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                      Thanks for all the excellent suggestions.

                      I do speak little Spanish to get around comfortably and survive. I am mid 30s, moderately fit and have done 3/5 difficulty level single day hikes. Budget is no problem but not going to go extraordinary on it.


                      So far: G adventures, intrepid travel, WMS and REI are group suggestions.

                      Thanks much !



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                        Galapagos has my vote.  Get one of the small boats (15 person max) and do the 2 week cruise among the islands.  You'll travel in style, get in hiking, swimming/snorkling, and see some of the most beautiful (and tame'sh) wildlife in the world.  I did it solo and it was one of my favorite trips.

                        Regarding Inca trail, we just got back from that last year and it was truly no joke.  We took the Salkantay Pass and thought I was going to die quite a few times before the end. About half of our group ended up not finishing the 10 day, and we saw two folks get medevac'd by horse.  It's a great experience, but train for it!
                        I should have been a pair of ragged claws. Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.


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                          1 week, fit, adventure, unlimited budget, continent of South America doesn't really narrow it down....


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                            Just spent two and half weeks in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.  I totally recommend the southern part of South America!  Consider LATAM or Aero Mexico to save money and a have a better travel experience compared to the legacy American carriers.

                            It's winter down there, so you may be looking at the off season for local travel.  Download as much off-network content for Google Translate as you can prior to getting into country.  T-Mobile's roaming is excellent; otherwise look to get a local SIM card.


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                              Patagonia was one of my favorite trips of my life.

                              Check out Explora Patagonia. It’s an explorers lodge with daily hikes to the most varied terrain and incredible wildlife imaginable. Even Pumas.