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premed wonders what is a more financial wise route, EU or US

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    Originally posted by neurosa View Post

    Right I know, but that is why it is so hard for to make that decision. I am in my 20s now, so the person I am today would prefer to stay in the US, but the person 20 years from now may highly regret that since as you said values/life chances.
    •Personal choice
    I figured since this was a finical med forum my main question for you guys would be does it make financial sense to accumulate this much debt if I have the option to do it for free otherwise, especially considering the healthcare chances in the next 20 years or so.
    Historically that’s what the numbers say. It will payoff.
    Now 40 years is a real mess. In-laws and grandkids are so unpredictable. If you personally want to stay now, that’s probably your choice.


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      Originally posted by Anne View Post
      I think it comes down to where you want to live. Even if you can’t find a job in the Netherlands, don’t you have the ability to work in another EU country if you train in the EU? Where it would still be closer to your family and have the EU QoL. Yes you will make less than in the US, and if you take the US route you should make plenty to pay back the debt and come out ahead financially assuming you work into your 60s. But perhaps you will enjoy your life more in the EU. Hard to say.

      Medicine is in general not a career that lends itself to broad geographic flexibility which is one of my complaints about it. If I were in your shoes I would seriously evaluate the choice to go to medical school vs pursue other avenues that are not so restrictive in terms of finding a job in the EU vs the US as your life evolves. If you will only be happy as a doctor then go for it but you need to be ok with the fact that will limit your future options of where to work and therefore live as long as you want to continue working in clinical medicine. I know a very few doctors who trained in the U.S. and now work in Europe but it was not an easy process at all. And also (and I apologize if this is overstepping) re-evaluate your relationship. If being tied to a job is more important than being tied to you, there may be rocky roads ahead when it comes to needing to move for Med school, residency, fellowship, attending jobs, etc., especially if you have a child together at that point.
      Thank you for your response. I appreciate the time you put in it.

      I was thinking about being in a different country, but technically your license transfers it is just that you need to speak the local language like a native person. Since the only two languages that I speak that well are Dutch and English (I speak a little german and french but nowhere near good enough to be able to work clinical) I am bound to Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and maybe the UK (depending on brexit). In all of those countries I would run into similar issues like Kamban explained in his reaction with regards to job possibilities.

      I have pretty seriously evaluated it before I moved to US since I moved specifically for pursuing med school, and I think I can in theory see myself do something else, but I am sure I would not be happy. I just did not realize upon moving how little time I get to spend with my family and how taxing it is. The funny thing is I could see myself move back to EU and try to pursue something else easier than I can see myself pursue something else in the states. I think because the financial risk is so much higher in the US.

      You are not overstepping and I appreciate you asking (and I understand your concern). The problem isn't that he would be tied to a job vs me, the problem is that the job that he does he cannot do in NL but he can do US because of language. So he wouldn't mind moving with me within the US but he will have a hard time moving with me in NL.