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Going for PSLF and Using Roth vs Traditional

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  • Going for PSLF and Using Roth vs Traditional

    Hello everyone,
    First time poster to the forum.
    I am practicing one year out of training and practicing family medicine at a Community Healthcare center.
    Currently married and my wife is still in medical school. Luckily she only has 30k in student loans and last year we paid off 85k in student loans. 15k her unsub
    loan and remainder was my private loan (did this due to NHSC loan repayment and going intense with the Debt free fever). . Now I have approx 200k left with Fed loan and plan to go for PSLF. Currently i've achieve 60 qualified payments so i am halfway there. I was wondering since my wife is currently still a med student, our income combined still allows us to contribute to Roth. Since I am going for PSLF, would it be more beneficial for me to max out my Traditional 401k c my employer now that i have access to it to lower my tax income and once i reach that fund my roth and a spousal roth vs making sure to fund my roth first. During this process we are still balancing paying off other debt which is her $15k subsidized loan and 8k car loan. Thanks for all the help.

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    Yes you do both.


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      Would it be a priority to fully max out the 401k vs the Roth in this case. I’m asking because I’m paying off other debt this year as well and not sure I’ll be able to achieve everything this year.

      401k>Roth>debt vs 401k>Debt >Roth vs Roth>401k>debt...etc