All that's left is 8k at 2.6% serviced by Navient, but it just feels like extra baggage. I am gunning for PSLF for my med school loans, but I don't see the point of dragging along my undergrad loan.

Also it's an annoyance because when I re-apply for REPAYE every year, it also sends that request to Navient. I pay $90 monthly now, and I'm tempted to just pull the trigger on the entire loan amount at this point.

I have 80k sitting in the bank that I'm not doing anything with. We'll be maxing out our pretax and backdoor Roth with no trouble. Can't I just pay the dang thing off? I guess the alternative would be to throw it at our mortgage, but I have a feeling we'll be refinancing that soon from the current 3.65 to a lower rate soon anyway.