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  • suspend HRA

    Hoping for a little advice.


    I've got a high deductible health plan with and HRA through employer.  I'd like to open an HSA but know that can't have HSA with an HRA that's reimbursing before the deductible limit (which mine does, starts from dollar #1 for the plan year).  I know there is an option in the tax code for a suspended HRA.  Can anyone elect to have their HRA suspended?  Does an employer have the option to allow that or not allow?  Thanks for any insight.


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    Anyone can requested a suspension of their HRA. I do not know if the option is required or just allowed by the IRS. I'll try to research, but maybe someone knows the answer.

    Also, some plans allow the rollover of unused HRA funds to a retirement HRA which also doesn't make you HSA ineligible.