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    Originally posted by Cubicle View Post
    100%. Cubicle LLC contributes every cent into Dr. Cubicle's 401K. (*sigh*, okay its zero... I need a better employer, "self" is a cheapo; I get no benefits, no paid vacation, no health insurance...)
    So...are you an "other professional" or "Doctor" (or both, as in Dr. PhD?) Just being my usual nosy self.
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      Seeing this makes me miss my wife's retirement plan in TX, state employee. She had something like 8% with some mandatory contributions. We could stuff something like 64K a year in there. I haven't had a match for 6 years but I can't complain about 56K a year too much. I just miss the 56+64+backdoor roths combo a bit. Now she's part time, almost no retirement space but we're close to family and loving it. Glad we maxed our accounts when we did.


      • Tim
        Tim commented
        Editing a comment
        ORP-403b Employee (6.65% of 280k)
        ORP-403b Employer (8.5% of 280k )
        TSA-403b Traditional
        457 DCP
        It certainly adds up.

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      Originally posted by jfoxcpacfp View Post

      So...are you an "other professional" or "Doctor" (or both, as in Dr. PhD?) Just being my usual nosy self.
      ...Oh. I thought other professional meant degrees other than MD. Trying to preserve some online anonymity (for the sake of not being labeled by people who know me as "well off") I didn't want to put my specialty (or allude much to it in my posts, though I could be figured out I'm sure). I can write prescriptions (including controlled substances (bane of my existence)), am licensed by the state board of medical examiners, need CME credits, did 3 years of residency in the USA, did 4 years of school in the USA, am the "operating surgeon", etc... Not a PhD.


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        6 % match vested after 3 years service with the hospital. Capped at $285,000 income limit for 2020.