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Reviews of PassiveIncomeMD real estate course?

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  • Reviews of PassiveIncomeMD real estate course?

    Has anyone completed the new PassiveIncomeMD real estate course? I found out about it to late to enroll on the initial course and am curious as to the experience of those who have done so and if they would recommend.

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    Well, I'd recommend it but I have a massive conflict of interest. I think the key is to be the right person for the course. i.e. someone who wants to invest in syndications or private funds but isn't sure how to evaluate them and is willing to pay someone a substantial amount to teach them. If that's you, it's great! If you'd rather learn it on your own, the course is not for you. If you don't want to invest in these things, it's definitely not for you. At any rate, like my course there's a free trial period so why not take advantage of it if you're on the fence. I'm sure it'll be for sale again in 6 months or so.
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      The word substantial makes me cringe.