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Considering backing out of contract, what happens to my recruiter's fee?

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  • Considering backing out of contract, what happens to my recruiter's fee?

    Last edited by contract dilemma; 06-05-2020, 11:41 PM.

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    I don’t know the answers to your questions specifically, but also wonder what concern it is of yours. The recruiter doesn’t work for you, so why bother yourself with the logistics of how they are paid?

    Disclaimer: My views may be jaded. I had a recruiter that put me in touch with my current employer. I interviewed with them and they said they were going to get back to me. Weeks went by and I heard nothing from them so I emailed the recruiter multiple times and called multiple times with no response. Turns out they were involved in a lawsuit that eventually got settled, and I got hired by the system that bought them out. Months later the recruiter emailed me to find out if I had been hired by “X Hospital System”. I never replied, but I’m sure he was trying to get his money.


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      I wouldn’t waste a single brain cell worrying about the recruiter.


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        If you don’t show up for work, the recruiter does not get paid.

        Typically, a recruiter will get paid in two or three allotments, at signing/matriculation at the job and at 6-12 months on the job. If you back out of the deal and the recruiter has been paid an advance, that money will be forfeited.

        But as abds said, don’t worry about the recruiter.


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          As far as the recruiter, if you don't end up taking the job, the recruiters will often offer to recruit another person for the position for the same fee, and credit any amount already paid towards the next recruit. Do what is right for you. At the same time, have you discussed your concerns with your prospective employer before making a decision?

          I would be up front about things. "I want to be a team player and step up to help, but I am a single parent and I accepted this position based upon the responsibilities as outlined. The new responsibilities will compromise my child's needs and unfortunately that is not going to work for me. I think we should sit down to discuss the position to see if we can work this out before I decide to accept another position that is a better fit for me."