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CARES act and loss of moonlighting income

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  • CARES act and loss of moonlighting income

    Does anyone know if unemployment benefits cover moonlighting income that has stopped due to current circumstances?

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    If it's "side gig" income, then you should be covered. Don't quote me, but I have read people whose "side hustle" amazon reselling jobs are covered under the recent legislations.
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      I would also consider if it is the ethical thing to do. I'm taking a beating here for holding fast that I am will not accept a pay cut from a hospital job during these times as I believe they will in fact be bailed out but I also wouldn't consider accepting something for nothing or a payout that I don't really need. I'm filing my taxes on time, paying my mortgages without asking for the free extension, not getting paid for jobs I'm no longer doing etc.


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        Who pays for unemployment benefits--the government; my employer; myself (via prior unemployment taxes); other employed people currently paying into the system?


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          I'm non-physician, my partner is the physician. About ten years ago the company I worked for could not make payroll, but my boss wouldn't let us go. So i quit and I was able to file for unemployment. The way I remember it working, any pay I received from any work source counted against the unemployment income. I want to say I got about $1,600 a month in unemployment, so the second I got another paycheck, it was erased and I no longer collected. Does it not work that way anymore? If this is moonlighting income, it sounds like you have a full time job, so I don't think you would be able to get it.