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1099 ic, potentially exposed, but practice closed. File for $511/day OR unemployment

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  • 1099 ic, potentially exposed, but practice closed. File for $511/day OR unemployment

    Slightly complex situation, a wife is a 1099 IC at a dentist office, only office they work at. I work at a hospital and was exposed to a COVID patient. Out of an abundance of caution (but also because the dental office is much slower these days) she decided to self-quarantine at home. I advised her to do this but she did not seek formal testing for COVID nor is there any medical documentation to quarantine. In addition, after this happened dental office is all but now closed, still open to emergency cases, but essentially she couldnt go back to work if she wanted and would be making essentially no money as she is a IC fully on commission.

    ANYWAY - the question is, does she truly qualify for the $511 the federal government is offering to anyone who was told they need to self quarantine? Technically I do think yes, but is it too much of a stretch? I dont think so, but I wanted to get other opinions as we do not want to do anything wrong here. I mean, I did have an exposure but I don't think I'm in serious danger at this time, although we have multiple covid pts in the hosp.

    Alternatively, she can get unemployment benefits, but this would of course be less money. would prefer to get the $511/day for 2 weeks. maybe unemployment after that.

    Please help! would love your thoughts - if we are applying for unemployment want to get it done today. Thank you very much.

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    I have the same issue. Went out on 2 week quarantine with no COVID-19 test offered, (known exposure, patient went to ICU with ARDS) and now need to test negative presumably to return to work. Can I get supplemental and how to apply?