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Private Practice / COVID19: Financial vs. Moral Obligation to Close Office

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    I appreciate all the very thoughtful replies. This is obviously a fluid situation and decisions will change by the hour.

    - We don't have insurance that would cover this, as far as I know
    - I like the suggestion of offering staff to voluntarily stay home without pay, perhaps for child care coverage. Those who choose to keep working would do so with a lighter schedule
    - I agree with a post above that patients don't seem concerned at this point. In other words, if we offer them an appointment - they will show up.
    - Along those lines - there is a component of autonomy we must respect. If patients desire to be seen by their doctor, they should have that right. Our obligation to "protect" them from this prevalent virus will push up against their right to treatment

    I invite others to share what policies they have put in place over the upcoming days and weeks so we can all learn, share, and do our best for our patients, employees, and society.