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Getting into telemedicine

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  • Getting into telemedicine

    If the current advice to stay home if you are sick is followed, it seems a boom in telemedicine is likely.
    What companies are good to work with? Any to avoid?
    Has anyone seen rates going up recently?

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    Can anyone give some info on what companies have decent contracts/protections and who to avoid?

    I would like to start doing telemedicine on my days off to help off-load offices and ERs. I think the more we can keep routine / low acuity things out of acute care settings the better.


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      Where do you work now? Self employed? In a hospital system? I think that will guide a lot of your choices.

      Self employed: you'll be treating your own patients & anyone who hears about you & needs you. Set up your own platform. A colleague told me about I have zero experience or stake in them.

      Under a group/hospital: ask them if/what they are doing. If nothing, check your contract if you can even do telemedicine due to a non-compete or something similar.

      Teledoc advertises a lot. If you want to sign up with an established platform, maybe try them. I have zero experience or stake in them. I don't know how they compare to anyone else.
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        I’m in the very early stages of opening a telemedicine practice. I’m learning ad much as possible about the process. It doesn’t seem that difficult so far. Want to PM and discuss ideas?