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How is typically physician adminstrative FTE compensated

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  • How is typically physician adminstrative FTE compensated

    I am transitioning to take-up 0.2 FTE in administrative work in the department.

    This is new to me(other than clinical work), and would need help to understand what are the various( better) ways administrative FTE portion is usually compensate. It would help with my Comp negotiations
    .- is it usually a fixed amount paid monthly along with base salary, calculated using pre-determined $ per hour ( using 8 hrs per week in my case) ? or
    - would it be to earn 20% of base threshold RVUs(0.2 FTE) from administrative work automatically, that could help with quarterly bonuses from extra RVUs? Or
    - any other better ways?

    Appreciate any help on this

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    Traditionally we had it prorated from our negotiated salary before I joined our UC division. When i was asked to take on responsibilities, I asked for additional stipend to offset my productivity bonus that I would also be losing that was I routinely qualifying for as a clinician....and I believe that's the bare minimum that one should be receiving.

    The physician administrative crap one deals with is much worse than straight up clinical work IMHO; especially when you're doing it for 'the man' - there needs to be a premium. IMHO, 10% premium is the very least with negotiable benchmark goals set out by the administration for bonus year 1 and increase in floor for subsequent years.


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      We do both a straight up hourly (you attend a meeting, you bill an hour) and anticipated work (you get 40 hrs a month). The rate is the average hourly clinical pay across all the docs.

      Works for us, but we run a tight shop and are truly democratic private practice. If you are discussing FTEs, I wager you are neither of those!


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        Thank you for the responses.
        Yes, this is not private practice but acadamic.


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          At my site, my productivity for prior fiscal year 0.8 FTE determines my 0.2 FTE for the next fiscal year. Yes, I wish my admin/medical Director stuff was more highly compensated but it isn’t


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            I don’t know what’s normal, I can tell you what we do. We’re a non-profit, mission-oriented multi-hospital, multi-state hospital system. My admin pay for single hospital/local work was $150/hr. My low level system admin pay is higher, but not dramatically so. I think it’s fair. I’m at the system director level but there are 1-2 levels of docs above me and I presume they are paid more. I’m under 0.5 FTE admin.

            The rate of pay cited above is the same whether you are a pediatrician or a neurosurgeon.

            It’s important to learn to balance your time. Since I’m predominantly a clinician and paid as such I have to be careful not to get dragged into unnecessary meetings and other nonsense.


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              We are also a straight $150 hr

              about 95% of the admin docs were primary care as it wasn’t nearly worth it for the specialists until they (specialists) realized nearly every decision made favored the primary care guys. Now it’s about a 70/30 split.