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How to make yourself unreplaceable???

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    Originally posted by Sundance View Post
    Anne said it best..

    To echo others- no one is irreplaceable

    Even if it makes no logical sense that they could fire you with no one to replace you.. they still will

    Dont send emails. Don’t get into it with staff. Don’t complain. Don’t make the most money. Don’t have “suggestions” in admin or group meetings.

    the guys that I see who are the most secure are the ones that just blend into the middle of the pack and keep their mouth shut.
    Good advice. Seems about right for employed docs. Have learned to pick my battles.


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      Thank you everyone. Your advice is priceless!!!


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        I'm surprised that no one has really criticized the lack of obtaining a contract at any point. I would've at least asked to sign something by January 1. All that said, you might have dodged a bullet.

        Be weary of hospital admin and recruiters. As nice as the physicians you may meet on recruitment the next few weeks, they aren't the ones (usually) trying to skim from your cut.


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          Yes as above - you don’t have a job until you have a contract. I thought I had a job post college but it never panned out due to funding issues too (or maybe someone better came along who knows - either way it happens). There’s still lots of time to find a job - especially in primary care there should be options.


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            Silver lining, now you know how admins can behave. Disgusting. As if doctors are trading cards. Same with insurance companies.

            Consider it an opportunity (if possible) for geographic arbitrage. I wish I could have moved to an area where I would have been able to live cheaper but still make more.
            "Oh look another bajillion point declin-Ooooh!!! A coupon for pizza!!!!" <--- This is what everyone's IPS should be. ✓✓✓


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              Originally posted by docdrizzy View Post
              Yea this is the worst part. Now I am scrambling and applying to a lot of places.
              I know one place that is hiring.
              “Spann has hired 27 full-time faculty so far and is recruiting another 12 to 14 whom he said will be hired before classes start. Eventually, the number is expected to grow to 65 full-time faculty as well as a large number of “voluntary professors” teaching in outpatient and inpatient clinical settings. At full enrollment, the medical school will have 480 students.”

              The problem with med schools and hospitals is that they are closely related to “politicians”. If the lips are moving, deception is occurring (lying ).
              Recruit underserved, bait one class with “free tuition” (no mention of fees), focus on PCP to send out to serve “underserved” areas. Of course the “hospital” partner is for profit, zero new clinics and no plans.
              Hey, it’s how the game is played.


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                Originally posted by Peds View Post

                i agree the title isnt what i thought.
                but then i disagree, stay friends? no way in ......
                assuming OP is telling truth and they rescinded a offered job, the OP is now left to scramble with graduation in 4 months. good thing they totally dont need to work till the next fiscal year....
                dont forget this OP. i do not support MDs getting pushed around
                friendly does not imply being a friend. don't burn bridges, this is also his training program. physician networks are small and everyone knows each other and talks. the way he acts now will seriously effect his future jobs for the next 5-10years, they will ask for references and call your training program even without your knowledge. Peds is providing poor advice and should know better.
                In hospital admin world this stuff happens a lot, budgets get altered and money allotted to things like hiring vanishes. Its a business, don't take it personal.
                It's a good learning opportunity for the future, always have a backup and never quit your job without a contract signed and everything completely lined up.
                It's psychosomatic. You need a lobotomy, I'll get a saw.


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                  Keep your friends close.
                  Keep your enemies closer.
                  Communications should always focus on the positive (formal/informal, verbal/nonverbal).
                  It is never beneficial to give anyone a “reason” to be negative about you personally or professionally. You invested time, reap whatever benefits you can.