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Lexis nexus error

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  • Lexis nexus error

    So I kept getting these weird ID questions when trying to confirm identity wrong and finally got fed up and requested a copy of my lexisnexis report. Lo and behold they have combined my file with another person with a somewhat similar first name, same middle name, different last name, lives in same city, and another doctor in the same hospital I worked in years ago.

    This file gave me his ssn, mortgage, phone number, address, email, driver's license, and all of his previous addresses. I could effectively steal his identity with ease at this point. I am going to call them to try to fix this but my question is who can I report this enormous error to? There must be some kind of fine or penalty for sending me the in depth personal info on someone else but I am unsure who to reach out to and I have no faith that the company will regulate itself.