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Minnesota universal life insurance

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  • Minnesota universal life insurance

    I was wondering if anyone here has purchased or knows anyone who has purchased minnesota universal life insurance. I know every individual on here posts these policies are scams/worthless etc. I too was a victim as a beginning physician and null investor. You just love how these advisors prey upon us. Needless to say I fought the big insurance company and in doing so found an area of very high interest for anyone with these policies.  An area that may allow you to recoup significant money. Please let me know.

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    Please post about this area of interest so we can all learn


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      in reviewing documents sent by minnesota life and extensive discovery I have found the fees in the plan were hidden by so called "taxes"that arent true or accurate. A lot of people might find this of interest with these bad policies (i see a lot of posts about whole life/universal life) whereby they made the mistake of purchasing them and cant figure out how to recoup money or get out. I have found documentation atleast with minnesota life policies to help with this if anyone is interested. I really wish they would force medical students and residents to have atleast one course in business and/or financial planning to avoid this common mistake. It would have been so helpful. My wife and I are doctors and they came like vultures.


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        I had an overpriced Minnesota term life policy once. You can meet/read about lots of people who bought cash value life insurance and regret it here:

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